Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Bottom 1.2

Chapter 1
1.2 Female Rapper: Dream Deferred

Tony began to play the song back for Alexandria to hear. As the music blasted through the speakers everyone began to bob their heads.

“Man that shit go hard.” Tony’s friend Cali said. “I didn’t know your girl could rap.” He added.

Tony didn’t say a word he just started rolling another blunt. “Are you going to do a verse on it?” Alexandria asked Tony excited.

“Nah I don’t like it, I’m about to make another beat.” Tony replied as he stopped the music.

“Oh okay.” Alexandria said disappointed.

Sadly Alexandria went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. As she popped the can open she heard everyone start to leave. Alexandria was secretly happy everyone had left because she wanted to finish her song. She quietly stood in the kitchen until she heard the last person leave.

“Everybody left?” she asked as she walked out of the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Tony said as he lit his blunt.

“Do you feel like helping me finish my song?” Alexandria asked.

“No I’m tired maybe another day.” He answered.

“You always say that.” Alexandria pouted. “You have time you record all your friends but every time I ask you are too tired.” She argued.

“Look I don’t feel like arguing, I just want to smoke this blunt and relax.” He said. “You should be watching me when I do this stuff so you can do it for yourself.” Tony said.

“Do I say that that when you need help?” Alexandria asked. “No I didn’t I helped you shoot all your videos and made your website.” She said.

“I don’t need you!” Tony yelled. “I could get anyone to do what you do.” He said.

“Not for free! Do you know how much someone would charge you for all the shit I do?” Alexandria yelled.

“And I appreciate that I tell you thank you all the time, don’t i?” Tony said as he pulled Alexandria over onto his lap.

“I thought you didn’t need me?” She asked calmly as she sat in his lap.

“I don’t need you but I want you.” He said as he kissed her neck. “You help me out a lot and I promise I’ll help you with your song just not tonight.” He added. “Okay?” he asked.

“Okay.” Alexandria replied. Tony hit the blunt then passed it to Alexandria. Alexandria sighed and hit the blunt then passed it back. “I’m about to take a shower.” She said as she stood up.

“You hungry?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, do you want to go get something to eat?” Alexandria asked.

“Yeah.” Tony replied.

“Okay just let me take a shower first.” Alexandria said.

“What do you want I’ll just go get it?” Tony said.

“I’ll just be a minute in the shower.” Alexandria argued.

“I’m starving and I don’t feel like waiting.” Tony said.

“Okay just get me a plain burger with nothing but bacon with a fry and a strawberry milkshake.” She answered.

“You got some money?” he asked.

“Don’t you have money?” Alexandria asked annoyed.

“I had to re-up today.” He said.

“Look in my purse.” Alexandria said as she rolled her eyes.

Alexandria was growing tired of Tony. All he did was spend her money and tell her what to do. He wouldn’t even help her with her music. She had spent so much time helping him out that she hadn’t done anything for herself. As she stepped into the shower and the warm water ran over her body she had an epiphany. If Tony wasn’t going to help her she was going to have to help herself.

Tony was right instead of waiting on him she should learn how to work the recording equipment herself. It was obvious that only person Tony was interested in helping was himself, so if Alexandria wanted to make it she was going to have to follow suit.

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Dirty Little Bitches 3.3

Chapter 3
3.3 The Break Up: Bitch Slap

As Aaliyah sat in the backseat of the cab the reality of her situation began to hit her. The love of her life had just broken up with her. At the end of day she was going to have to go home to an empty house. Although she still had Jean Pierre she knew he wasn’t enough. Jean Pierre was a great guy but he was no Dominic.

It wasn’t just the money or the physical attraction that made Aaliyah fall in love with Dominic it was his personality. Aaliyah got to see a part of Dominic that no one else saw. At least that’s what she chose to believe to keep herself sane. As she reminisced on her failed relationship a single tear ran down her cheek. Aaliyah wiped her face and started to pull herself together as the Velocity building came into view. The cab stopped right in front of the building and Aaliyah froze.

“This is your stop ma’am.” The cab driver said.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She said. “How much?” Aaliyah asked.

“Sixty-five.” The cab driver answered.

Aaliyah reached into her purse then handed the man a hundred dollar bill. “Keep the change.” She said as she got out of the cab.

Aaliyah’s heart began to beat really fast as she entered the building. She dreaded facing all of her peers after what had just happened between her and Dominic. She was going to have to cancel the piece on them for the magazine and everyone would want to know why.

She didn’t want to give Raquel the satisfaction of thinking what she did ruined their relationship. Raquel might not have been the reason that she and Dominic broke up but she definitely contributed to it. As Aaliyah stepped onto the elevator to go up to her office she took a deep breath and pressed the button for her floor. The elevator seemed to take forever and Aaliyah just wanted this day to be over.

The elevator had finally stopped and the doors slowly opened. Bianca looked up from the front desk as Aaliyah stepped off the elevator into the office. “What happened?” Bianca asked as she jumped up from her chair.

“I don’t know.” Aaliyah said as she began to shake head.

“It was that bad?” Bianca asked as she followed Aaliyah to her office.

“Yeah it was that bad.” Aaliyah said.

“Details now.” Bianca demanded as they entered Aaliyah’s office.

“Okay shut the door and close the blinds.” Aaliyah said as she took a seat on her couch.

Bianca quickly shut the door and locked it, and then she closed all of the blinds. Bianca sat down on the couch next Aaliyah and looked at her with great concern. “You look terrible did something else happen?” Bianca asked.

“Me and Dominic broke up.” Aaliyah said sadly.

“He cheated and you can do better.” Bianca reassured her.

“We broke up because I cheated.” Aaliyah said.

“What? With who?” Bianca asked.

“Jean Pierre.” Aaliyah stated.

“That model Raquel insisted on hiring?” Bianca exclaimed. “He was here earlier talking to Raquel!” She added. “That bitch! She really has it out for you.” Bianca said. “This is her fault, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Not entirely.” Aaliyah said.

“And how could that asshole leave you after everything he’s done.” Bianca argued. “There were almost twenty women on the gossip site that said they slept with him.” She said.

“I know.” Aaliyah replied quietly.

“Are you going to let Raquel get away with this?” Bianca asked annoyed.

“Of course not.” Aaliyah replied. “I need you to cancel that piece of me and Dominic though and find me a new cover.” Aaliyah said.

“Okay right away.” Bianca replied as she left Aaliyah’s office.

Aaliyah poured herself a glass of water and just shook her head. “Are you okay?” Raquel asked as she walked into Aaliyah’s office.

“I’m fine what do you want?” Aaliyah asked with an attitude.

“Nothing I was just seeing how things went with Jean Pierre he came by looking for you.” Raquel smiled.

Aaliyah smiled back, “He found me.”

“Just how do you know him?” Raquel asked.

“Stop it whore, I know you know about my affair with Jean Pierre.” Aaliyah said.

“What?” Raquel said pretending to be shocked. “I had no idea you were that kind of girl.” Raquel laughed.

“Get out of my office before you piss me off.” Aaliyah said calmly.

“I would tread lightly if I were you I have more bombs in my arsenal.” Raquel retorted cockily.

Aaliyah got up from her seat and got in Raquel’s face. “You got seconds to leave.” Aaliyah said.

“Or what?” Raquel said angrily.

Aaliyah nodded her head and smiled then reared back and slapped Raquel.

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Dirty Little Bitches (Book Trailer)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Intolerance 1.2

Chapter 1
1.2 Secrets: Minority Report

“Imani do you think you can help me out with my English homework?” Matthew asked.

“Yeah I got about a hour before I have to tutor Wyatt.” Imani replied.

“Are you still tutoring that jerk?” Matthew asked annoyed.

“He’s not a jerk, he’s actually pretty cool.” Imani laughed.

“Yeah he’s cool now because he needs your help.” Matthew said as he sat down in the seat next to Imani.

“Well i like him.” Imani said.

“You like him? What do you mean by that?” Matthew asked shocked.

“I mean I like him, I think he’s kind of cute.” Imani smiled.

“Whoa! Are you crazy?” Matthew asked. “His father is a racist asshole and I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” He added.

“I don’t know, I just don’t get that vibe from him.” Imani said. “And don’t act like your parents aren’t a little racist.” She said.

“My mom is Korean.” Matthew said.

“Yeah and she’s married to a white man.” Imani explained. “She obviously wants you to marry a white woman, do you remember the look on her face when you brought me home?” Imani asked. “She was so relieved when you told her we were partners on a science project.” Imani laughed.

“But I’m not like that.” Matthew argued.

“Well maybe Wyatt isn’t like that either.” Imani stated.

“Lets talk less about Wyatt and more about my English paper.” Matthew joked.

“Okay.” Imani said with a grin.

Matthew and Imani were best friends. They had met in ninth grade when both their father’s got stationed in Jackson. Matthew Morris was an Asian American his mother was Korean and his father was a third generation Irish American. Matthew and Imani bonded over the ostracism they faced at Jackson High School. Matthew used to joke that his mom thought that they were white until they got around white people. He often said his parents didn’t understand him. They would always accuse him of trying to stir up trouble. His parents just wanted him to fit in but they didn’t understand that no matter how he acted he still looked Asian.

Matthew felt like Imani understood him and she did. Imani had always dated outside her race but here in Jackson it was a little more difficult. There weren’t many minorities at their high school or different ethnicities. Her parents especially her father wanted her to date within her own race. She tried to explain to her father that is wasn’t that she didn’t like her own race it was just that she dated whoever she liked regardless of their race or culture. He never failed to let her know just how disappointed he was in her. That’s why Imani and Matthew had become such friends because they could relate to one another.

Little did Imani know Matthew wasn’t just her friend because he could relate but because he had a huge crush on her. He wanted to tell Imani how he felt but he could see how much she liked Wyatt even when she wouldn’t admit it. She had always been in love with Wyatt and there just wasn’t any room for anyone else.

Matthew stared at Imani as she read the instructions for the assignment. “You needed help with this?” She asked confused. “This is pretty self-explanatory.” She said. “Did you just want to see me?” Imani joked.

Matthew laughed nervously. “I just like the way you explain things.” Matthew replied with smile.

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