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Intolerance 2.3

Chapter 2
2.3 Going To The Chapel: Day Off

“So what do we do now, just go back to class and act like nothing happened?” Imani asked as she and Wyatt began to walk down the hallway.

“Yeah for now that’s all we can do.” Wyatt said. “We just have to wait and see what happens.” He said as he grabbed her hand.

“What about our classmates they aren’t to happy about our relationship either?” Imani asked.

“Anyone that can can’t be happy for us aren’t our friends anyway so fuck them.” Wyatt replied while he opened the doors that lead to the courtyard.

“It’s us against the world right now and you just seem so cool about all of this.” Imani said frustrated. “I just got kicked out of my house and the entire school is shunning us.” She added.

“I know but we made this decision to be together and this is what it is.” Wyatt explained as they took a seat at one tables in the school courtyard. “I can’t make people accept us and I refuse to be sad because they don’t.” He said. “And far as you being kicked out I already told you that I got you.” He added.

“Its just too much right now.” Imani sighed as she shook her head. “I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy our relationship before people started trying to ruin it.” She said. “You know I blame you for that.” She added as she looked at Wyatt.

“What how is that my fault?” Wyatt exclaimed.

“Because of how you asked me out and broke up with Heather all at the same time in front of the entire school.” Imani explained as she stood up and began to pace. “You embarrassed Heather in front of the whole school and she is probably the reason we were called to the principals office in the first place.” She told him.

“No I will not take responsibility for this turn of events.” Wyatt said. “If anyone is to blame it is you for not controlling your friend.” He said. “Dude tried to fight me and basically ousted our relationship forcing me to tell Heather in front of everyone or risk losing you.” He said sweetly as he took Imani’s hand and pulled her back down to the table.

“Matthew was just looking out for me he’s my best friend.” Imani said as she sat down next to Wyatt and looked lovingly into his eyes.

“Are you sure because I think he wants to be more than that?” Wyatt asked.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Imani asked confused.

“I’m just asking are you sure he understands that you two are just friends?” Wyatt asked.

“Yes.” Imani said. “Don’t tell me you are getting jealous already we have only been dating a couple of hours.” She laughed.

“Yeah and I have already asked you to marry me and move in.” Wyatt grinned as he pulled Imani close and kissed her.

“We better get back to class.” Imani giggled as she pulled away from Wyatt’s grasp.

“What for?” he asked. “Lets just skip the rest of the day, everyone will just think we got sent home.” He said.

“I can’t do that.” Imani said shyly. “Anyways what would we even do?” she asked.

“Whatever we want.” Wyatt grinned.

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Where He Brought Me From 4.4

Chapter 4
4.4 Family Matters: Fed up

“Okay everyone just calm down.” Kash said.

“No because this bitch got me fucked up.” Carter exclaimed while pointing at Jessica.

“Hey watch your mouth.” Kash said sternly as he stood up. “You know what you are right you should probably just leave before you piss me off.” He said angrily.

“I’m leaving so if you are riding with me you better come on!” Carter yelled as he headed for the door.

“If you leave with this asshole don’t come back.” Jessica said as she looked at her mother with tears in her eyes.

Justine sighed and shook her head as she stood up from the table. “I’m sorry.” She said.

“Next time you are sitting around wondering why we don’t have relationship remember this moment because this is the last of the numerous times you have chosen someone else over me.” Jessica said.

“He’s my husband.” Justine said.

“I’m your child!” Jessica yelled. “You were supposed to look out for me and protect me.” She said. “He always came first even when he was wrong and you didn’t give a damn who got hurt as long as you could brag about having man.” She said angrily. “Well you got him.” Jessica laughed as she shook her head. “Go ahead leave so he can curse you out in the car.” She added.

Justine hung her head as she followed her husband out of the restaurant. “Jessica stop it.” Jennifer demanded.

Jessica began to laugh, ”Bitch you go too before I give you that beat down I owe you.”

“Jessica calm down.” Kash said as he sat back down and grabbed her hand.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Jennifer asked angrily. “Is this how you treat your family just because they wanted to visit you?” she asked.

“Lets be real here you been throwing shade since you got here.” Jessica said. “You aren’t happy for me you just came around to hate.” She said. “And the only reason our mother is here is because she wants to beg for money.” She added.

“Well I guess you know everything.” Jennifer said. “You aren’t perfect you know.” She said.

“Yeah I know you all never let me forget it either.” Jessica said. “You never supported anything I did, you always had something negative to say.” She said. “You are a hater just admit it!” she exclaimed. “You people have been jealous of me before I even had anything to be jealous of.” She added annoyed.

“That’s how you see it.” Jennifer said.

“That’s how it is.” Jessica said.

“When we were kids you got all of the attention everyone praised your talents.” Jennifer said.

“Everyone except the people I was trying to impress, my family.” Jessica said.

“What did you need us for everyone else already loved you wasn’t that enough?” Jennifer asked frustrated.

“Do you hear how fucking stupid that sounds?” Jessica asked confused. “Jennifer just leave.” She said.

Jennifer shook her head as she stood up from the table. “Everything doesn’t always have to be about you.” She said as she left.

“Oh my goodness!” Jessica exclaimed. “Am I crazy because I feel like she just basically confirmed what I have been saying all these years?” she asked.

“That was ridiculous.” Kash said. “Its like she blames you for being talented.” He said.

“I know and she thinks because other people love me and like me that my family shouldn’t have to.” Jessica said confused. “That shit doesn’t matter to a kid, a kid just wants their mother to be proud of them and for their sister to have their back.” She said in tears.

“I’m so sorry I will never force those people on you again.” Kash said as he kissed her hand and wiped away her tears. “Do you want to leave?” he asked.

“No they done worked my nerves I’m hungry now.” She replied.

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Where he brought me from (Book Trailer)  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Shift 2.3

Chapter 2
2.3 Bloodline: Peer Pressure

“Okay, I’ll call them.” Ahote said.

“So what are we going to do when we get into town?” Dyami asked.

“I was thinking that we would go see a movie.” Ahote replied.

“Aw man that sounds boring.” Dyami said. “do want to impress the girl or bore her to death?” he asked.

“Well what do you have in mind?” Ahote asked.

“There’s this club in town that doesn’t check ID we should go there.” Dyami suggested.

“Um I don’t know I’m trying to stay out of trouble.” Ahote said nervously.

“Dude come on.” Dyami pleaded.

“I’ll think about it.” Ahote said. “And be ready I’ll be at your house in thirty minutes.” He said as he hung up the phone. Ahote sat down in the rocking chair on the porch and started to dial Aoki’s number. He began to get nervous as the phone started to ring.

“Hello?” Aoki answered.

“Hey Aoki its me Ahote.” He replied. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight my grandfather let me borrow his truck to go into town?” he asked.

“Just me and you?” she asked.

“Well Dyami wanted you to ask Kim to join us and make it a double date type thing.” Ahote said.

“You know she doesn’t really like him, right?” Aoki asked.

“Yeah I heard.” Ahote laughed.  “But its boring and there is nothing else to do so I’m sure you can convince her.” Ahote said.

“Okay I’ll try but I’m down even if she doesn’t want to go.” Aoki said.

“Okay I’ll see in like forty-five minutes then.” Ahote said.

“Make it an hour.” Aoki said.

“Okay.” Ahote said with a huge grin on his face as he hung up the phone.

Ahote went back into the house and finished clearing the table. He was so excited that he began to sing and dance as he washed the dishes. Ahote had never been on what he considered a real date before. All his dates were confined to the reservation this was the first time he would go pick up a girl in a car and actually go somewhere. He just hoped that Dyami would not ruin hid first date for him by being his usual annoying self. Ahote needed Dyami to not annoy Kim long enough for him to convince Aoki that he was serious about being her boyfriend.

After Ahote had washed all the dishes and put them away he went into his room to find something to wear. He began to yank clothing from his closet and throw them onto his bed. Ahote couldn’t decide if should look cool or sophisticated all he knew was that he wanted to impress Aoki. When he finally chose something to wear it was a mix of the two opposite ends of the spectrums. “Cool and sophisticated.” He said as he looked down at the outfit lying on his bed. “Now to the shower.” He said with a smile as he went into the bathroom.

Ahote turned on the shower then took his long black hair and put it into a bun on the top of his head. He stepped into the warm water it poured down over his chiseled body. All Ahote could think about at this moment was Aoki; it was as if Chenoa did not even exist. He wasn’t sure but he thought that their afternoon romp in the pool was to blame for the occupancy she now held in his mind. Ahote showered and got dressed as quickly as he could because he could not wait to see her again.

Just as he was heading out the door to pick up Dyami his phone rang. “Hello?” he answered.

“Hey Ahote you can tell Dyami that Kim is coming.” Aoki said.

“Okay cool.” Ahote said.

“So where exactly are we going so I know how to dress?” Aoki asked.

“Um I’m not quite sure yet.” Ahote stammered.

“Okay but I hope we are doing something more exciting than seeing a movie.” She said.

“Well I was thinking we would go to this club in town that doesn’t check ID’s but I didn’t know if you were to nice for something like that.” Ahote joked.

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