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Be Transformed

Transform means to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of. Change means to make or become different. God asks us to transform not only in appearance but in character as well. Gaining knowledge is irrelevant if you don't apply the knowledge. 
Matthew 9:17 say’s 17 neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.
It is not enough to be humble, grateful, thankful or patient you have to change. We are often remorseful when the decisions we make have regrettable outcomes. But just because you repent it doesn’t also mean that you have changed. Repent means to feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin. Even though you have to repent to change, you don’t have to change to repent.
Salvation requires action it requires change. Salvation is deliverance from sin and its consequences, believed by Christians to be brought about by faith in Christ. When God gives you an opportunity to change take it and run with it because you never know when your time will be up. God always warns people before he destroys anything. Are you being warned right now? Is God telling you to repent and change your ways?
What we don’t seem understand is how thin the line is between sin and salvation. One wrong move can lead you down a road of destruction and one right move can save your life. If God is continuously sparing you take heed and make some changes in your life. God gives us all free will. God will let you make your own decisions and when those decisions destroy your life he will save you. But the question you must ask yourself is how deep of a hole am I going to dig myself into before I stretch out my hand for help? With God you can do all things but it’s easier to climb out of five foot hole than is it to climb out of fifty foot hole.
James 4:7 say’s Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. You must decide whom you are living for God or people.
Romans 6:16 say’s 16 Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?
You have to ask questions and not allow yourself to become a slave to the wrong things. The blind cannot lead the blind someone has to open their eyes and change direction. Don’t allow yourself to be led into ditch when you know better do better. You want change but you are not willing to break the mold and do different things. You keep doing the same old things expecting different results. You keep running to the same people that hurt you, doing the same things that broke you and you end up sorry every time. How many times must you be brought to your knees before you learn your lesson? Some of us are not so lucky to get another chance in life. If God is trying to save you I suggest you take his and climb out of that hole before you dig to deep.
Don’t just appear to be different for people be different for yourself. I heard TD Jakes say you don’t have to die and go to hell to be in hell. You can create your own hell in life with the decisions you make. There is saying that says why live in hell just to die and go to hell? Meaning why go through so much in life and not change. Haven’t you been through enough? Haven’t you cried and fought enough?

I can’t speak for everyone else but I have had enough. I want more out of life and I don’t want my struggle to have been in vain. I may be in the fire but I refused to be burned by the flames. You must vow to learn something and change when life gets hard. You must emerge from the fire anew because each time you don’t God turns up heat and puts you back in the kiln. The bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Ask yourself do want you want to lift up your eyes in hell and testify to his glory or look down from heaven?

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2 Corinthians 5:17

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dangerously Obsessed 1.6

Chapter 1
1.6 To Little To Late: Baby Momma Drama

“Oh wow that sucks.” Derek said. “Does your mom know?” he asked.

“No one knows but well you.” Valerie said.

“You have to tell Dante.” Derek said.

“I know but when?” Valerie asked confused.

“Look at what is going on?” she said. “I just caught him at another women’s house and now I’m leaving him.” She went on. “Should I even have this baby?” Valerie asked.

“Of course, don’t even think like that.” Derek said.

“I don’t know if I want to have Dante’s baby.” Valerie said.

“Its your baby too you would not just be killing his baby you would be killing your baby.” Derek explained.

“You don’t know him.” Valerie said as she began to shake her head. “He beats on me and degrades me, I can’t bring a child into this dysfunction.” She said.

“Its sounds like you have already made up your mind.” Derek said sadly.

“No I haven’t.” Valerie said as she looked down at the floor. “I have always wanted kids but I could never get pregnant, I thought I couldn’t have kids.” Valerie said. “This is nothing short of a miracle but why now?” Valerie asked. “I have been with that asshole for ten years putting up with his cheating and abuse all I ever wanted was a baby but it never happened no matter what I tried.” She said.

“I don’t know but God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.” Derek said. “He has a plan for you just trust him.” Derek added as he hugged Valerie.

“How did you get so wise?” Valerie laughed.

“From your uncle yelling at me all the time.” He grinned. “Speaking of the devil here he comes so wipe your face and pull it together.” Derek said.

“Derek you and Ted drive the truck and follow us.” Valerie’s mother said as she opened the door.

“Yes ma’am.” Derek replied as he got out of the car and went to get in the truck with his father.

Valerie got out of the backseat and sat up front with mother. “What’s wrong?” her mother asked she started the car.

“Nothing, why did you ask me that?” Valerie asked.

“Because I gave birth to you and I know you.” Her mother stated. Valerie began to cry hysterically. “Valerie calm down, its okay just take a deep breath and tell me what’s going on.” Her mother said.

“I don’t want to tell you.” Valerie cried.

“What? Valerie I am your mother you tell me right now what is wrong with you.” Her mother demanded.

“I’m pregnant.” Valerie whispered.

“Pregnant?” her mother asked. “That’s wonderful.” Her mother started until she looked at Valerie’s face. “Oh I see.” Her mother said. “You are worried because of Dante.” She said.

“I don’t want to have his baby.” Valerie cried.

“I don’t want to hear anything about a abortion!” Her mother yelled. “Don’t you worry about Dante you got me and your father and I got a gun.” She said. Valerie started to laugh. “I’m not playing I’ll kill Dante.” Her mother said.

“I know that’s why I’m laughing, you always have been a gangster.” Valerie grinned.

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Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.7

Chapter 3
3.7 Hotel Hell: I didn’t mean to start a war

Daniel pulled into the parking lot of Club Seven with sweat dripping from his brow. His heart was beating out of his chest as he parked his car and got out. He hated having to ask Kimura for help but he did not know what else to do. Daniel walked in through the back door of the building then made his way to Kimura’s office. 

“Carter you’re here!” Kimura exclaimed. 

“Yeah.” Daniel replied nervously as looked around the crowded room. “We have to find Chanel someone kidnapped her.” He added. 

“I know where she is.” Kimura said calmly. 

“That’s great where?” Daniel asked. 

“Have a seat Carter.” Kimura said. 

“I don’t want to have a seat where is my wife?” Daniel asked angrily. 

“She is fine for now but that can easily change.” Kimura stated. 

“What the hell is going on?” Daniel asked. 

“Sit!” Kimura yelled. Daniel reluctantly took a seat across from Kimura. “I just recently got some disturbing information.” Kimura said. 

“Did you have Chanel kidnapped?” Daniel asked annoyed. 

“Its rude to interrupt.” Kimura said sternly. 

“Look I don’t give a fuck what information you got I want to know where my wife is!” Daniel screamed as the stood up. 

Akeno put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and shoved him back down in his seat. “Watch yourself.” Akeno said as he tightened his grip. 

Kimura laughed. “Calm down Carter, if that’s your real name.” Kimura said. 

“What are you talking about?” Daniel yelled. 

“I don’t like his tone.” Kimura sighed as Akeno punched Daniel in the jaw. “Do you know a Mr. Diego Powers?” Kimura asked. 

“Not personally.” Daniel said as he rubbed his jaw. 

“Well he claims your father killed his brother and arrested him twenty years ago.” Kimura said. 

“I don’t know the man so who knows what he did.” Daniel said with an attitude. 

“Mr. Powers think’s you followed in your old man footsteps and became a cop.” Kimura said. 

“That’s ridiculous.” Daniel said. 

“That’s what I said because every knows that I’m a notorious cop killer.” Kimura said. 

“Is that a confession?” Daniel asked with a grin. 

“Are you going to arrest me?” Kimura laughed. 

“Look man I’m not a cop.” Daniel said. 

“Okay its his word against yours and since he has no proof I’m going to give you a chance to make a believer out of me.” Kimura said. 

“I’ll do whatever you want just let Chanel go.” Daniel said. 

“She’s in the kitchen with Diego if you kill him you two can leave.” Kimura said. 

“That will cause a gang war.” Daniel said. 

“I know.” Kimura said. “I don’t like snitches or people who try to strong arm me.” Kimura said. “See Mr. Powers seems to think I owe him something just because this used to be his gang’s territory.” Kimura explained. “I don’t respect him or his gang they want a handout and if he thought you were a cop he should have killed you and brought me your head not your wife.” He added. “Is this going to be a problem?” Kimura asked. 

“Not at all.” Daniel said as he stood up and took out his gun.

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Codename: Bonnie and Clyde (Book Trailer)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Death Before Dishonor 1.6

Chapter 1
1.6 Mixed Martial Arts: Debt

“When I find him I’m going to kill him.” Roger said sternly as he headed for the door.

“Roger Ray!” his mother yelled after him. “Don’t you forget that’s your brother!” she said as he slammed the door.

“Yeah, yeah.” Roger mumbled as he walked down the hallway to the elevator.

Roger had an idea of where his brother was and what he was he was doing. He knew that Brandon was most likely at Vlad’s with the kids that robbed Hong. Brandon was dead set on becoming just like their father. He was going down the same road that got their father sentenced to life in prison.

Roger’s father was a two bit petty thief and alcoholic before he met Vlad’s father Boris. Boris promised Roger’s father wealth beyond his wildest dreams. He convinced Roger’s father to run drugs for him and to move up from petty theft to grand larceny. For awhile the life of crime was paying off well for him until one day a robbery went wrong and someone got killed.

Roger’s father was robbing a jewelry store with another man that worked for Boris when the guy got nervous and shot the owner and his wife. Roger’s father and man were arrested only a block away from the robbery. Roger could remember how much his mother cried when his father was arrested then sentenced. He also could remember how angry he was at his father for leaving his mother alone to raise three kids.

Things had been so hard growing up without a father that’s why Roger couldn’t understand why his brother decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. Roger took a deep breath as he entered Vlad’s establishment. It was dark and smoky inside, he could barely see. Roger was irritated as he looked around the room for his brother.

“Roger.” A voice called out from the darkness. Roger squinted as Vlad came into view through the smoke. “What brings the champ here?” he asked. “Oh my bad you haven’t won any fights yet.” Vlad laughed.

“Where’s my little brother?” Roger asked sternly.

“What no hello? Come on man we grew up together.” Vlad said.

“You know I don’t like you.” Roger smiled.

Vlad smiled, ”I’m sorry but your brothers busy at the moment.”  

“Busy doing what? Robbing another store for you?” Roger asked as he pushed Vlad.

Vlad’s men jumped up and started to surround Roger. Vlad put up his hand to tell his men to back off. “Don’t forget where you are.” Vlad warned. “Look your brother and his friends owe me money, how they get it is up to them.” Vlad explained.

“My brother doesn’t owe you shit!” Roger yelled.

“Is that right?” Vlad laughed.

“Tell me where my brother is right now before I beat your ass.” Roger demanded.

“You? Beat my ass?” Vlad asked stunned. “Did you guys hear that? The fighter who has never won a fight is going to beat my ass.” Vlad said sarcastically. “Hey go get Brandon.” Vlad told one of his men. “Okay Roger your brother doesn’t owe me shit now you do and I’m going to need my money by next week.” Vlad said.

“Roger what are you doing here?” Brandon asked nervously as he came out of the back room.

Roger snatched his brother by the arm and said, “Lets go.”

“Don’t forget Roger ten thousand by next week.” Vlad called out as Roger and his brother walked towards the door.

Roger turned around and looked at Vlad with rage in his eyes. “I don’t owe you shit either.” He said then he walked out the door.

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